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Abanda Desk

18,383 SKU: d-52

Abbevile Desk

13,132 SKU: d-53

Acampo Desk

19,235 SKU: d-65

Aires Office Desk

6,803 SKU: d-24

Aldrich Desk

12,442 SKU: d-155-0

Aldusa Desk

54,280 SKU: d-151

Algoma Desk

6,319 SKU: d-80

Amoret Desk

35,781 SKU: d-154

Andoro Desk

54,280 SKU: d-31

Aniwa Desk

15,960 SKU: d-100

Arona Desk

16,845 SKU: d-59

Arroyo Desk

15,849 SKU: d-89

Artois Desk

54,280 SKU: d-125

Aviston Desk

12,280 SKU: d-165

Bacavi Desk

21,286 SKU: d-55

Belpre Desk

14,99718,258 SKU: d-69-0

Bergen Desk

15,386 SKU: d-124

Bodird Desk

12,095 SKU: d-49

Boley Desk

25,021 SKU: d-123

Calio Desk

16,380 SKU: d-63

Carnuel Desk

12,010 SKU: d-166

Carpio Desk

39,169 SKU: d-167

Cellat Desk

12,421 SKU: d-50
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Swatch image White/Black
Swatch image White/SS

Clearcut Office Desk

12,48313,732 SKU: d-1-0

Clovis Desk

14,247 SKU: d-127

Cofield Desk

16,468 SKU: d-156-0

Colardo Desk – Steel Legs

21,634 SKU: d-29

Como Desk

13,517 SKU: d-3

Corbin Desk

20,908 SKU: d-62

Correll Desk

12,578 SKU: d-84

Dauphin Desk

23,299 SKU: d-122

Delmont Desk

10,719 SKU: d-169

Dozier Desk

15,724 SKU: d-61

Draper Desk

13,146 SKU: d-64

Dynamic Desk

54,280 SKU: d-4

Eagan Desk

12,822 SKU: d-57

Ekwok Desk

18,488 SKU: d-102

Pick a strong Wooden Desk for your home or business

An office is incomplete without a proper desk. Wooden desks are suitable for both home-offices and traditional work-spaces. They are durable and elegant. Therefore, Aprodz presents beautiful and well-built solid wood desks for domestic and business purposes. Made from best quality of wood, the desks will last for years. Moreover, you can find wooden desks with storage options like drawers and shelves for storing files and stationeries. The shelves and drawers are perfect to organize gadgets, papers, books and important documents too. Thus, they are perfect utility furniture for academics, students and professionals. There are different designs, sizes, shapes and colors you can choose to suit your work-space or study. Moreover, Aprodz offers to customize the office furniture to suit your requirements. So, choose one of these stylish office furniture desks for your office and enjoy a productive workday.