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Grid 2-Cube On the Grid Nightstand Bookcase

5,899 SKU: kbs-24-0
Swatch image Grey
Swatch image Navy Blue

Grid 4-Cube Bookcase & storage rack for Study Room & Office

10,029 SKU: kbs-23-0

Outline Creative Design Bookcase (Chrome And Grey Finish)

9,499 SKU: kbs-22

Wheelhouse Metal Bookcase (Gold Powdercoated Finish)

7,723 SKU: kbs-21

Star willow 2 Rack Metal Bookcase

7,999 SKU: kbs-20

Octavia Two Drawers Upper Covered Bookcase

21,711 SKU: kbs-18
Swatch image Brown
Swatch image Charcoal

Cargo 1 Drawers With 2 Rack Mango Wood Bookcase

23,599 SKU: kbs-6-0
Swatch image Midnight Blue

Campaign 2 Drawers With 3 Shelf Mango Wood Bookcase

25,959 SKU: kbs-5-0

Durque Sheesham Wood Compact Bookcase

8,633 SKU: bk-142
Swatch image Teak

Idaho Tall Bookcase

20,898 SKU: bk-144
Swatch image Honey

Durque Large Bookcase

21,805 SKU: bk-143
Swatch image Natural

Sandra Bookcase

13,633 SKU: bk-1
Swatch image Light Blue
Swatch image Light Brown
Swatch image Light Grey
Swatch image Light Purple

Berlin Rack

11,19811,477 SKU: BK-18-0

Bayern Larger Bookcase

20,62523,719 SKU: bk-22-0
Swatch image Light Teak

Bayern Bookcase

24,96125,669 SKU: bk-21-0
White + Black

Roman 4 Stage Bookshelf- Small

20,59823,689 SKU: bk-4-0
White + Black

Roman 4 Stage Bookshelf

26,82828,793 SKU: bk-3-0

Rise 3 Tier Bookshelf

12,265 SKU: BK-11.1

Steelo Bookcase

10,249 SKU: BK-28

Warsaw Bookcase

16,491 SKU: BK-27

Recta Bookcase With Cabinet

22,804 SKU: BK-25

Rise Bookshelf Large

21,860 SKU: BK-11

Spaco Bookshelf

14,822 SKU: bk-14

Constrict Bookshelf

8,441 SKU: bk-13

Rise 5 Tier Bookshelf

14,042 SKU: bk-12

Elegant Bookshelves to suit your home-office or business

Books are one of the best acquaintances one can have. If you love books and require them for your profession, you should have a proper shelf to organize them. So, Aprodz’s beautiful solid wood bookshelves are the ones you should check out! The chic shelves are made from premium quality of wood and the innovative designs make them a visual treat. So, the bookshelves will not only organize your prized books but add to the decor as well. The sturdy and spacious shelves make them a valued possession. You can organize your books, and display showpieces and mementos too. These beautiful wooden bookshelves will add more elegance to your work-space. Moreover, we offer a variety of colors, finishes and customization options to suit your choices. So, choose and compare to find the perfect one from our beautiful collection.