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Abanda Desk

18,383 SKU: d-52

Abbevile Desk

13,132 SKU: d-53

Acampo Desk

19,235 SKU: d-65

Aires Office Desk

6,803 SKU: d-24

Aldrich Desk

12,442 SKU: d-155-0

Aldusa Desk

54,280 SKU: d-151

Algoma Desk

6,319 SKU: d-80

Amoret Desk

35,781 SKU: d-154

Andoro Desk

54,280 SKU: d-31

Aniwa Desk

15,960 SKU: d-100

Arona Desk

16,845 SKU: d-59

Arriba Desk

62,893 SKU: d-120

Arroyo Desk

15,849 SKU: d-89

Artois Desk

54,280 SKU: d-125

Aviston Desk

12,280 SKU: d-165

Babbie Desk

43,638 SKU: d-54

Bacavi Desk

21,286 SKU: d-55
Swatch image Brown
Swatch image Citrus Grove
Swatch image Indigo
Swatch image Majestic Pines
Swatch image Ocean View
Swatch image Plum

Balarwa Drawer Unit On Castors

9,53412,191 SKU: ms-4-0
Swatch image Light Teak

Bayern Bookcase

22,32024,961 SKU: bk-21-0

Bayern Larger Bookcase

20,625 SKU: bk-22-0

Belpre Desk

14,99718,258 SKU: d-69-0

Benld Desk

13,305 SKU: d-95

Bergen Desk

15,386 SKU: d-124
Swatch image Light Blue
Swatch image Light Brown
Swatch image Light Grey
Swatch image Light Purple

Berlin Rack

9,73711,477 SKU: BK-18-0
Swatch image Brown
Swatch image Cream
Swatch image Irish
Swatch image Ocean View
Swatch image Plum
Swatch image Yellow

Bhesar Drawer Unit On Castors

10,54912,650 SKU: ms-5-0

Bodird Desk

12,095 SKU: d-49

Boley Desk

25,021 SKU: d-123

Calio Desk

16,380 SKU: d-63
Swatch image Midnight Blue

Campaign 2 Drawers With 3 Shelf Mango Wood Bookcase

25,959 SKU: kbs-5-0
Swatch image Brown
Swatch image Charcoal

Cargo 1 Drawers With 2 Rack Mango Wood Bookcase

23,599 SKU: kbs-6-0

Carnuel Desk

12,010 SKU: d-166

Carpio Desk

39,169 SKU: d-167

Cellat Desk

12,421 SKU: d-50


The office is a workplace where physical and mental energy participation is higher. Than other area of ​​participation. People spend a significant amount of time in offices. And nowadays work culture is not limited only to the time of day. Rather offices are used round the clock. Given the above factors, Aprodz Design has wooden furniture that is comfortable. And at the same time become a great utility for office workers. We use mango wood, rosewood (Indian rosewood), and teak wood for furniture. Various types of office furniture manufactured by us. Such as office desks, executive desks, storage cabinets and book cabinets. If your need furniture different from what we have. Then just contact us for your customization ideas. At Aprodz we always welcome Custom-made wooden office furniture.


Aprodz takes great pleasure in offering a wide range of furniture for every part of the house. We have a commitment to provide value for quality, wealth, satisfaction and creativity. Which has encouraged us to prepare wood for almost every area. Such as entryway furniture, living, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and office. Our decorative items also give important options to decorate your dream home. Explore the electrifying collection of sofa sets and other related wooden furniture. Such as coffee table, TV unit, chest of drawers, entry benches etc. And more by visiting Make your experience of buying furniture online a memorable journey in Aprodz.