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Durque Floating Box Wall Shelf

5,190 SKU: wa-101
Swatch image Light Pink
Swatch image Ocean View

Kido Wall Shelf

4,7995,998 SKU: WS-8-0
Swatch image Dark Grey
Swatch image Light Purple
Swatch image Orange
Swatch image Plum
Swatch image Sea Green

Kiev Wall Shelf

8,77810,319 SKU: ws-11-0

Matala Wall Shelf

11,477 SKU: ws-5

Taipei Wall Shelf

12,058 SKU: WS-17

Toronto Wall Shelf

7,062 SKU: WS-3

Rawson Wall Shelf

6,785 SKU: ws-21

Chaco Wall Shelf

1,980 SKU: ws-18

Butare Wall Shelf

11,542 SKU: ws-16
Swatch image Grey

Linia Wall Shelf

4,000 SKU: ws-13-0

Mao Wall Shelf

10,473 SKU: ws-12

Wall Shelves

Wall Shelf is a piece of furniture to solve your purpose of showcasing your favorites. Aprodz offers an attractive collection of wall shelf. Wall shelf made from solid Mango Wood and solid Sheesham Wood. You can find many appealing wall shelves at Aprodz. From traditional to modern geometric designs. Display your memories in photo frames in your Living Room or Bed Room. Also flaunt your favorite artifacts on these solid wood Wall Shelf mounting. Even wall shelf to store toiletries in bathroom are also in store at Aprodz. Some of our best-selling wall shelf are Kiev Wall Shelf and Recta Wall Shelf. Also Set of 3 Intersecting Wall shelf among many. Custom-made wall shelve are a welcome call at Aprodz.