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Ideas to Decorate your Home with Solid Wood Shelving Units

Managing storage is one of the most crucial and challenging tasks for a homeowner. While buying storage furniture, you have to keep in mind the size of the room. Also available floor space and the purpose of using. Shelving units are a versatile piece of storage furniture. That can work in any corner of your house and look quite aesthetic. Moreover, the shelves create more vertical space for storage. And thus can keep the floor space unoccupied. Although you may find shelving units in India made from various materials. Though wooden shelving units have a classic appeal that makes them a popular choice.

Buying shelving units for Indian homes are a value for money purchase. You can place them in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or hallway, and use them for multiple purposes. We at Aprodz offer stylish and sturdy shelving units online. Which you can customise, based on your requirements. Therefore, here are some tips to style or decorate your home. Along with the beautiful wooden shelves by Aprodz.

  • For kitchens – The shelving units for the kitchen are utility furniture and work well for any home. You can arrange spice jars, bottles, cups and saucers on these shelves. The shelving units in the kitchen are useful to store small and fragile items. Which may otherwise break if crammed into a cupboard. Moreover, the open shelves make everything quite accessible and easy to find. If you love to decorate your shelving units for kitchen. Then place a few hand-painted bottles, jars or a small potted plant on the top shelf.
  • For bedrooms – In the bedroom, you can get shelves to work as a bookcase. Aprodz’s Solid Wood Open Bookcase in Brown Finish is one such furniture. With a great built and attractive design, this shelving unit for the bedroom can adorn your home. Other than books, you can also display decorative pieces like antiques and photographs. Also you can place stylish flower vases and lamps on these shelves.
  • For hallways – Smaller shelving units like the Solid Wood Open 2-Shelf Bookcase is ideal furniture. These kind of shelving unit can enhance the décor of the hallway. It can work as an accent piece for the place. You can place a bowl or tray on the top shelf to store keys and use the bottom one to arrange shoes. To decorate the top, place a small bust or statue or a beautiful flower vase.
  • For living rooms – You can get shelving units for accent walls in the living room. These shelves will be the perfect place to display showpieces, figurines and collectables. Also you can put momentous like trophies and medals, books and other decorative items. You can illuminate the shelves with LED lights to make them more appealing. The living room decor allows you to get creative and flaunt your passion. So, decorate those shelves in any way you please! Our Solid Wood Open Book Shelf in Light Brown can be a worthy companion to your living room walls.