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Rotato 1 Shelf Cabinet

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Rotato 3 Shelf Cabinet

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Rotato 2 Shelf Cabinet

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Rotato 4 Shelf Cabinet

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Revamp your Living Room Décor with Stylish Display Units

The living room of the house reflects the owner’s taste, hobbies and passions. Therefore, most homeowners love to display their achievements. And individual taste through the living room decor. Display Units in the living room are thus one of the most common furniture in any home. Besides, stylish display wall units are useful if you are a business owner. And want to make your store more aesthetic to your customers. A beautiful display unit for your shop can surely draw more people to the store.

Display units can come in various sizes depending on the available space in the room. They are also not exclusively for the living room. So, you can buy a display unit for your bedroom to flaunt various items. Like photographs, plush toys, books, memoirs, etc. . On the other hand, display units for the home can also work in the dining hall. If the you wants to showcase your chosen crockery, dinner sets, expensive wine bottles. . For instance, the Rotato 2 shelf cabinet with its versatile design can work in a living room. Also in a bedroom as a shelving unit , a space separator or as an ornamental piece of furniture.

To make most of the display unit for the living room or shop, you can choose from Aprodz Wide collection. So choose from one of the following types of display units available online in India.

  • With Glass Doors – A display unit with glass doors in India is a good idea because it can keep the items safe and free from dust or mould. A glass door will also look very stylish and will make your showpieces quite visible. Moreover, if you opt for a lock on the door, it may be beneficial for securing some expensive showpieces. Some items you can exhibit inside a display unit with a glass door. Which include metal figurines, expensive antique showpieces, crystal showpieces, etc.
  • With Open Shelves – A wall display unit with open shelves are the most common types of display unit designs you can find. The spacious open shelves allow you to show your favourite medals and awards, books. Also you can showcase your memorable photographs. Solid wood used to make most of these units which goes with almost all kinds of room decor. To make the display units stand against an accent wall, you may choose to fix them with a nail. Also position them in such a way so that there is minimal movement around the furniture.
  • Corner Shelves – You can use display units in the corner as corner shelves in the hallway, living room or dining room. These shelves can create a beautiful focal point. Even these display units can completely change the room decor. The best pieces you can display on a corner shelf are colorful potted plants and photographs. Also you can display feng-shui items with hand-painted bottles. However, these types of display units for living room usually have narrow shelves. Therefore these accommodate smaller items. The Rotato 3-shelf cabinet is a beautiful display unit in white that can work as a corner shelf in any part of your home.

To find stylish display units for living room in India, check out our Aprodz collection. Along with attractive designs get option for customization.