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Swatch image Walnut

Theodore Armchair in (Solid Wood, walnut)

9,32411,748 SKU: ac-11

French Cushioned Living Chair with Cane (Teak Wood,Brown)

19,999 SKU: ac-17
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Epil metal Dining Chair with fabric (blue velvet,black finish)

5,829 SKU: ac-8-0

Parkton Lounge Chair with Cane Work (Rustic Finish)

35,950 SKU: ac-15

Weissman Armchair with Cane(Solid Wood,Cream Finish)

32,999 SKU: ac-12
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Fallin Handcrafted Lawn Cane Armchair (Black Finish)

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Maron Living armchair in cane (black finish)

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Hudson Accent Chair in Metal (Black Velvet,Golden Finish)

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Buying Guide for Armchairs

An armchair is not just seating furniture in the house. It is a beautiful addition to your luxury. There is nothing more relaxing than curling up with a book on an armchair after a long day at work. When buying other furniture for the home, you may think about how comfortable your guests will be on those pieces. However, an armchair lets you think about your comfort as it creates a personal little corner to unwind. Therefore, while buying armchairs, the two things on your mind can be comfort and style.

You can place an armchair in the bedroom or living room or the study. Since it is for personal comfort, you can experiment with colours, styles and patterns. Having an armchair in the room can bring texture and personality to space. Moreover, it can work as a statement piece in the room that enhances the overall décor.

When choosing an armchair online or offline, you can come across a world of style that can be puzzling. Therefore, here we are to help you out by providing a comprehensive guide on various styles, materials and designs.

Different types of armchairs

The traditional armchairs in India can be high-backed, low-backed, winged-back, etc. There are also modern accent chairs with arms and stylish loungers. Aprodz specializes in armchairs made from premium wood that comes in both modern and traditional styles.

Conventional Armchairs

Wooden armchairs with upholstery are the most common style available in the market. The upholstery is available in options like fabric, leather and velvet. You can place the armchairs in the living room to coordinate with the sofa set. For instance, living room chairs like the Fallin Armchair can match a cane sofa-set and coffee table. Alternatively, you can get chairs for the bedroom to create a reading nook. Place a floor lamp to illuminate the corner, lean back and enjoy your book.

Easy Chairs

Easy Chairs combine comfort and luxury. They can come in traditional wingback designs or as a modern recliner. Also, they can fit seamlessly in modern homes with various designs and styles. They work best as lounge chairs in modern bedrooms. Usually, easy chairs have a timber frame and plush upholstery. Therefore, you have the option to choose a relaxing armchair blended into style and elegance.

Accent Chairs

Armchairs can work as excellent accent chairs in any corner of your home. You can use them as dining chairs with arms and it will be a very comfortable seat. Usually, accent chairs come in modern and innovative designs. You can pair the accent chairs for the living room with a contrasting sofa to create a fashionable seating area.

Chaise Lounge

Chaise lounges are not armchairs as such, but hybrids of the armchair and a daybed. They have a long seat and a raised edge, perfect for lying down or seating. A chaise lounge can replace a regular armchair if you have enough space to place it. They will look good in living rooms as an extra seat or in the bedroom.

Things to consider when buying an armchair

How you like to sit?

Since armchairs are all about comfort, it is essential to consider how you plan to use it. So, think about how you love to relax after work. Do you like to sit with your feet up? On the other hand, do you want to sprawl or merely curl up? Considering your sitting style, you can choose the size of the seat, the backrest style and the armrest height. The aim is to find the one that offers perfect comfort, looks elegant and gives the best value for money.


While timber is the most preferred material, you can find metal armchairs as well. Moreover, you may find other materials like plastic, cane and leather, or a mix of more than one. Therefore, before choosing the chair, consider the kind of material you want. Aprodz offers both wooden and metal armchairs like the Oniker Cane Back chair made from solid wood.

Room Size

Whether you place your armchair in the living or bedroom, the size of the room should be considered before buying. Thus, you can find the perfect furniture for the living room that fits the space. For example, a spacious wing-backed armchair will not match a smaller space. But compact designs like a low-backed chair with smaller armrests like the Deleon Cane Back chair will look better. On the other hand, you can invest in a luxurious upholstered chair with armrest for a spacious bedroom.


Upholstery is a quintessential part of an armchair and is responsible for comfort. Therefore, you should always consider it while buying the chairs. You can select the material for the upholstery; like leather for a posh look, cotton for a simple yet comfortable style. Other materials that you may find are satin, silk, velvet, jute, etc. You can match the colour of the upholstery to other furnishings of the room. You will have options to choose colours and prints. So choose the one that fits the walls and hues.


You should consider your budget before choosing any furniture as you will want the best value for your buy. So, while selecting an armchair from any store, whether online or offline, look for any discounts and deals. Moreover, you should also consider the maintenance of your furniture once you buy it. Some materials are high maintenance, while some materials like cane or wood require low maintenance. Aprodz offers affordable cane and wooden armchairs that are elegant and long-lasting. Consider the rustic Parkton armchair with cane work that can adorn your living room. Other than being affordable, sturdy and stylish, it can also be customised to fit your requirement.

Style and design

The armchair can be a statement piece in a room. However, it should not starkly stand out and dull other decors. Instead, the design of the piece should blend into the decor, and create a beautiful balance of style and elegance. So, while choosing the design, consider the style of other furniture in the room and their colours. Besides, you may choose similar materials. For example, in a living room with wooden furnishing, a wooden chair will fit in. It is always better to customise the design if possible to match your room decor. At Aprodz we offer you that opportunity to customise the pieces based on your need.