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Norto Extra Wide Dresser-Changing Table & Topper Set

31,435 SKU: ks-9

Norto Dresser & Topper Set

27,414 SKU: ks-8

Aneu Dresser & Topper Set

26,310 SKU: ks-28

Changing Tables : Using dresser tops as changing tables can be practical and space-saving

Having a baby is an enriching experience. As every parent wants to provide the best for their little angel, Aprodz offers to make their life easier with baby dressing tables. A changing table cum dresser in the newly set up nursery can be the perfect storage solution for all your baby’s needs. You can use the drawers to store clothes, towels, diapers, baby food and medicines. On the other hand, the spacious top can work as a baby changing station. The baby changing tables come in different styles and sizes to suit the size of the nursery. The Anueu Extra-wide dresser and topper set have a very accommodating top that can be useful to parents of twins. Moreover, these sets are long-lasting, as they are made of the best quality of timber. Therefore, even after your baby grows up, you can use the dresser as storage for their room.