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3-Tier Acacia Shoe Rack | Stand Organizer | Storage Shelf

3,5994,799 SKU: Sc-53-0

Abim Marble Console Table

11,791 SKU: CT-17

Alasta Shoe Cabinet

13,878 SKU: sc-10

Alsto Shoe Cabinet

25,94530,367 SKU: sc-42-0

Alvara Shoe Cabinet

14,908 SKU: sc-15

Amuru Marble Top Console Table

12,299 SKU: CT-21

Apac Solid Wood Console Table

10,576 SKU: CT-18

Arua Solid Wood Console Table

11,197 SKU: CT-13

Azee Shoe Cabinet

15,057 SKU: sc-8

Budaka Console Table in Golden Finish

10,766 SKU: CT-22

Busia Console Table in Brown

11,268 SKU: CT-9

Calho Shoe Cabinet

19,127 SKU: sc-33

Celes Shoe Cabinet

12,921 SKU: sc-7

Choi Shoe Cabinet

14,966 SKU: sc-38

Daria Shoe Cabinet

15,917 SKU: sc-2

Daviso Shoe Cabinet

11,283 SKU: sc-40

Durque Solid Wood Carved Console Table in Brown Finish

10,336 SKU: CT-78

Elois Shoe Cabinet

13,773 SKU: sc-14

Fraze Shoe Cabinet

12,205 SKU: sc-12

Hoima Solid Wood Console Table in Dark Honey

10,14610,888 SKU: CT-8

Kisoro Industrial Console Table

11,197 SKU: CT-19

Knute Solid Wood Cane Console Table with Drawer in Black

19,45519,961 SKU: CT-87-0

Kumi Solid Wood Console Table

9,060 SKU: CT-24

Lekker Solid Wood Console Table with Drawers in Navy Blue

24,043 SKU: CT-76

Lira Solid Wood Console Table

16,446 SKU: CT-11


Aprodz takes great pleasure to offer a wide range of wooden furniture for every part of the home.  Our commitment to offer quality, value for money, satisfaction, and creativity has encouraged us to craft the wood for almost every area .Like entryway furniture, living room , dining room , bedroom , kitchen, and offices .  Our decorative items  too give significant options to decor your dream home.  Explore the electrifying collection of sofa sets. And other related wooden furniture. Like coffee tables, TV units , chest of drawers  , entryway benches,console tables and many more. Make your experience of buy furniture online a memorable journey at Aprodz.

Make your home more welcoming with a beautiful console table 

Console tables are accent tables that serve an aesthetic purpose. Although most homeowners place them in the entryway, you can place them in different corners of your home too. Thus, they can find a place behind your sofa as a sofa table, or in the hall as an accent table. Aprodz brings to you stylish console tables made from wood and metal. As these tables are popular as a decor item, we offer them in designs that will suit modern homes.

You can customize them too, based on your preferences. Apart from that, we offer entryway console tables with storage options like drawers and shelves to make them more versatile. The metal console tables have strong marble tops and wooden console tables are made of best quality of timber. The styles range from classic to contemporary. Therefore, you will find classic cabriole-legged tables, simple minimalistic four-legged ones as well as chic metal tables.

Organize your shoes easily with stylish shoe racks | Entryway Furniture

Leaving shoes lying around the house is never a pretty sight. So, shoe racks are required to keep your shoes neat and organized. Buying a stylish shoe rack will not only be useful but add to your interior decor as well. Therefore, Aprodz presents beautiful and well-crafted entryway shoe racks for you. Our handcrafted wooden shoe racks will make your storage easier. They can come as open shelves or as cabinets with doors. While the closed racks will keep the shoes dust-free, the open shelves can show off some stylish pairs you own! You can choose the designs, the finish, and customize the shoe cabinets as per your requirements. The elegant shoe racks are affordable, stylish and useful, no matter the size of your home. So, choose the right one depending on the available space and the number of shoes you plan to store.