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Bauhaus Eight-Seater Dining Table

45,81148,977 SKU: dt-2-0

Bauhaus Six-Seater Dining Table

39,83642,521 SKU: dt-1-0

Trujilio Dining Table Brown

15,701 SKU: dt-121

Dubro Dining Table Brown

20,508 SKU: dt-117

Vaughan Dining Table White

21,799 SKU: dt-68

Salmanos Dining Table

14,966 SKU: dt-59

Pensacola Dining Table Brown

18,750 SKU: dt-49

Norcross Dining Table Brown

19,772 SKU: dt-46

Borram Dining Table Brown

15,522 SKU: dt-42

Erlina Dining Table Brown

17,280 SKU: dt-41

Avavia Dining Table Brown

16,356 SKU: dt-40

Durque Dining Table Royal Brown

16,078 SKU: dt-31

Reyk Dining Table Brown

18,750 SKU: dt-14

Selinos Dining Table Brown

16,078 SKU: dt-9

Tallinn Dining Table Mahogany

14,966 SKU: dt-7

Tulsa Dining Table Natural Teak

14,966 SKU: dt-3


Dining tables are something which becomes a place for get-together, so it must be an appealing furniture. Which can pull your loved ones near to dining tables for a memorable meal each day. Aprodz offers tremendous range of solid wood dining tables sets  and Chairs in various designs and finishes. Solid Wood Like sheesham wood (Indian Rosewood), mango wood, and teak wood. We also manufacture other dining accessories like dining chairs, dining stools, benches. Also Available bar cabinets, bar stools, kitchen cabinets, and sideboards. If you have a different idea of the dining table sets, you are most welcome to contact us. We will bring your imagination to reality. Customization of furniture is very much welcomed at Aprodz.