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Cubo Sideboard

24,74526,669 SKU: sb-11-0

Detroit Sideboard

21,369 SKU: sb-33

Dnipro Sideboard

34,855 SKU: sb-35

Kalush Sideboard

13,812 SKU: sb-58

Kovel Sideboard

19,049 SKU: sb-59

Kilia Sideboard

20,635 SKU: sb-87

Rudky Sideboard

26,293 SKU: sb-119

Valky Sideboard

29,632 SKU: sb-107

Alupka Sideboard

35,663 SKU: SB-108

Alushta Sideboard

29,632 SKU: SB-79

Artemove Sideboard

24,936 SKU: SB-115

Artsyz Sideboard

28,628 SKU: SB-101

Balta Sideboard

35,474 SKU: SB-92

Belz Sideboard

31,599 SKU: SB-120

Bila Sideboard

25,120 SKU: SB-46

Boryspil Sideboard

21,910 SKU: SB-67

Brovary Sideboard

18,194 SKU: SB-52

Bucha Sideboard

19,824 SKU: SB-83

chep Sideboard

23,181 SKU: SB-109

Colardo Sideboard

19,892 SKU: sb-16

Dann Sideboard

19,615 SKU: sb-5

Denver Sideboard

21,861 SKU: sb-18

Derby Sideboard

22,119 SKU: SB-19

Durham Sideboard

21,254 SKU: SB-20

Halych Sideboard

29,264 SKU: SB-116

Hlukhiv Sideboard

25,398 SKU: SB-77

Irpin Sideboard

19,685 SKU: SB-73

Izium Sideboard

28,778 SKU: SB-65

Kaniv Sideboard

13,981 SKU: SB-86

Kerch Sideboard

14,120 SKU: SB-47

Kherson Sideboard

30,864 SKU: SB-40

Kolomyia Sideboard

31,997 SKU: SB-63

Konotop Sideboard

28,240 SKU: SB-49

Kosiv Sideboard

41,516 SKU: SB-111

Krasnodon Sideboard

19,177 SKU: SB-71

Kuala Sideboard

26,969 SKU: SB-31

Lubny Sideboard

14,945 SKU: SB-68

Lutsk Sideboard

32,424 SKU: SB-45

Sideboards – the perfect utility furniture

Sideboards are the perfect utility furniture for a dining room. They can store utensils, food, and dinnerware and also work as a serving counter. If you are looking for a sideboard for your home, check out Aprodz’s beautiful collection. The wooden sideboard that you will find here are ergonomic and made from the best quality of wood. You will find long sideboards with spacious tops for bigger rooms. There are also smaller, compact designs with drawers and doors for smaller homes and apartments. Moreover, apart from using the top as a serving counter, you can decorate it with vases, lamps and photographs. Thus, a sideboard will not only serve a very useful purpose, but it will contribute to your home decor also. Though most homeowners place sideboards in their dining rooms, you can place them in other corners of your home as well.