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Adria Bar Stool

6,947 SKU: bo-37

Aldw Bar Stool

6,051 SKU: bo-43

Almi Bar Stool

12,076 SKU: bo-8

Andro Bar Stool

5,955 SKU: bo-7

Anicet Bar Stool

13,963 SKU: bo-16

Ann Bar Stool

13,026 SKU: bo-33

Arli Bar Stool

8,819 SKU: bo-57

Backless Acacia Wood Counter Stool with Metal Legs

3,108 SKU: bo-101

Bami Bar Stool

11,533 SKU: bo-52

Birg Bar Stool

6,105 SKU: bo-40

Britan Bar Stool

11,995 SKU: bo-13

Citla Bar Stool

4,558 SKU: bo-21

Cono Bar Stool

10,855 SKU: bo-55

Cons Bar Stool

10,855 SKU: bo-58

Davor Bar Stool

17,817 SKU: bo-6

Dikla Bar Stool

13,270 SKU: bo-12

Domin Bar Stool

12,538 SKU: bo-4
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Ellis Barstools

3,9645,191 SKU: bo-89-0

Emil Bar Stool

12,483 SKU: bo-28

Euphr Bar Stool

4,748 SKU: bo-22

Fabi Bar Stool

5,441 SKU: bo-38

Faraj Bar Stool

11,995 SKU: bo-32

Firuz Bar Stool

13,827 SKU: bo-34

Flavi Bar Stool

12,213 SKU: bo-42

Flor Bar Stool

12,172 SKU: bo-26

Gioacc Bar Stool

11,683 SKU: bo-14

Henr Bar Stool

10,176 SKU: bo-39

Heracl Bar Stool

17,097 SKU: bo-3

Stylish Bar Furniture Set for your Home Bar

Having a home bar is never complete without the right bar Stools. You can place them by the kitchen counter or the bar counter. The bar chairs should be of perfect height and comfortable enough to sit. They should also look aesthetic and be sturdy enough. So, Aprodz presents stylish bar Chairs for domestic and commercial purposes. Here we have all styles and designs. So you will find high backed, low backed, backless and upholstered bar chairs.

Having a home bar isn’t finished without the correct bar furniture stools and seats. You can put them through the kitchen counter or bar counter. The bar sets(stool & chair) must be of the right tallness and agreeable enough to sit on. They ought to likewise look tasteful and be very solid. In this manner, Aprodz offers in vogue bar stools for local and business purposes. Here we have all styles and plans. So, you will get high back, low back, revealing and upholstered bar stools and seats. Stools are produced using the most grounded and best nature of wood. Most stools lay on the feet too. Additionally, upholstered bar sets stools are best made of material or calfskin. Additionally, we offer to tweak according to your necessity. Along these lines, presently you can make the most of your beverage appropriately!

The stools & chairs are made from strong and best quality of wood. Most of the stools come with a foot-rest as well. Also, the upholstered bar stools are made from the best fabric or leatherette. Also, we offer to customize according to your requirement. So, now you can enjoy your drink the proper way!