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Swatch image Mahogany
Swatch image Weathered Grey

2-Tier Floating Wall Mounted Rustic Wood Book Shelves

8941,036 SKU: wa-126-0
Swatch image Copper
Swatch image Golden
Swatch image Silver

Plant Hanging Metal Hooks Wall Brackets 10 Inch- Set of 2

413 SKU: wa-132-0
Swatch image Honey Oak
Swatch image Provincial Teak

Durque Boxy Wall Shelf

7,928 SKU: wa-100-0

Victoi Wall Shelf

3,703 SKU: Wa-97

Baini Wall Shelf

7,235 SKU: Wa-93

Sinior Wall Shelf

4,823 SKU: Wa-92

Pezio Rectangle Wall Shelf

4,711 SKU: Wa-90

Tribor Hanger Shelf

4,069 SKU: Wa-88

Flatiso Corner Wall Shelf

2,048 SKU: Wa-84

Towero Display Rack

5,512 SKU: Wa-77

Oole Wall Shelf

4,995 SKU: Wa-69

Harre Wall Shelf

1,463 SKU: Wa-66

Audre 2 Wall Shelf Set

4,954 SKU: Wa-60

Enric Heart Shelf

5,473 SKU: Wa-50

Dupon Set of 4 Wall Shelfs

2,152 SKU: Wa-49

Armaa Floating Wall Shelf

4,004 SKU: Wa-43

Ibarr 2-Wall Shelf Set

1,928 SKU: Wa-42

Romer Wall Shelf

7,440 SKU: Wa-39

Murtaz Square Wall Shelf

4,571 SKU: Wa-38

Weav Mantle Shelf

3,875 SKU: Wa-37

Shann 2-Piece Wall Shelf Set

4,995 SKU: Wa-36

Cottre Counter-Shelf

8,096 SKU: Wa-33

Gia Floating Wall Shelf

1,463 SKU: wa-32

Ranvee Floating Wall Shelf

2,238 SKU: wa-31

Carle Floating Wall Shelf

1,549 SKU: Wa-30

Margo Bracket Wood Shelf

1,359 SKU: Wa-29

Wall & Display Shelves Online: A functional way to embellish your vertical space

Wall & Display shelves are just a fine product to make the looks better. And the face of the walls appealing to the eyes. The flexible wall shelf in living room is available on Aprodz in an ocean of designs. Therefore every other piece is second to none. The solid wood wall shelves are one of the products that boost up aesthetic appearance of wall. And also perfectly blend form and function at every bookshelf of the wall.

What are the Advantages of wooden wall & Display shelves?

  1. Durable: The toughness of the wood is unbeatable compared to the rest of the world. A wooden wall shelf can retain its longevity for a long period of time. And is a fruitful piece of furniture for the fat money that you have paid. There will be no regular replacements. Most importantly the furniture will also have long service life on heavyweights
  2. Decent looks: Wooden wall shelves available online at Aprodz. According to the decent carvings these furniture units always look pleasant. Compared to others, the shelves of solid wood walls create such a sight that anyone can fix their eyes to them. The top-notch material and the layered finish get a perfect miss for the unit’s understated looks.
  3. Customization: If you want to customize India’s wall shelf online? So Aprodz provides the best online customization service. Wood is durable, which makes compact wall shelve designs feasible. Visually appealing wooden wall shelf can be easily built with this fantastic house. Many craft manufacturers do provide customization features. That make it easier for consumers to get their desired look. They can get their structure designed as per their requirements.

How to Arrange wall shelves on a wall ?

Solid wood wall cabinetscan be arrange in some interesting and decorative ways. Here are a few ideas to help you a little and might be an ideal fit for your walls too.

  1. Vertical arrangement: Most of the wall shelves are horizontal. And you might have seen them build a horizontal line through the wall. Lets the mind think vertically, though. A vertical design highlights the height of the wall. This principle is most practical when you have floating racks. Shelves falling apart make for an illusion of a larger space. Try to form the paradigm vertically near the fireplace, between the windows or a narrow wall that’s free.
  2. As wall ledges: For numerous contemporary houses the built-in wall ledges are present. If your residence doesn’t have them, add wall shelves high on the rooms wall. Display on those units your framed artwork, collectables and other sundry objects. It is also possible to use free space underneath the stairs to mount the shelves. So that the articles at hand’s reach all are accessible.
  3. Asymmetrical shelves at varying levels:A bizarre-looking design will freeze the guests ‘ eyes too. Wall shelves containing unique patterns and designs. Which spaced at various levels contribute to the visual interest. The shapes, sizes, colors and materials can create asymmetry. For example, could be the placement of shelves around the corners of the wall. Hang them with an offset panel, in a diagonal pattern. Include shorter and longer shelves and position them in an odd set.
  4. Near the bathtub in the bathroom: Wooden Wall shelves used as excellent vanity units for bathrooms. When attached low on the wall. Place and fix it near the bath. Then display candles, rolled towels, soaps, shampoos, perfumes, and other essential body items. The low profile wall shelf is also good for the kids, as they can easily take the stuff and place it. The same style is appropriate even near the bed. Where you can Hold your books, magazines, cards, cell phones and jugs. Also lotions for night care, wallets and other chances and ends within your grasp.

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