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Home Decorative Thalo Standing Long Mirror for Living Room

12,392 SKU: mi-23-0

Baldui Wall Mirror

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Beautiful Decorative Heart Shape Mirror

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Abuba Dresser Mirror- White

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Rectnago Standing Mirror

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Agapi Dresser Mirror

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Flat Decorative Wall Mirror| Warm Chestnut Finish

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Tasni Dresser Mirror

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Dini Dresser Mirror

9,905 SKU: mi-72

Heddwyn Standing Mirror- Teak Polish

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Vnimo Dresser Mirror

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Jupit Dresser Mirror

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Balbi Dresser Mirror

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Meginf Dresser Mirror

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Aeso Wall Mirror

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Ercili Dresser Mirror

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Nepht Dresser Mirror

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Athana Dresser Mirror

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Aneir Dresser Mirror

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Anselv Dresser Mirror

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Nand Dresser Mirror

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Audam Dresser Mirror

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Friden Dresser Mirror

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Styli Wall Mirror

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Ascel Dresser Mirror

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Clet Dresser Mirror

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Burh Dresser Mirror

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Sada Dresser Mirror

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Rodol Wall Mirror

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Cassan Dresser Mirror

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Meredi Standing Mirror

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Ceri Wall Mirror

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Brialle Standing Mirror

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Toninh Dresser Mirror

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Yisr Dresser Mirror

8,441 SKU: mi-45

Four Awesome Home Decor Ideas with Mirrors

We have all read about the magic mirrors in the fairy tales that could do wondrous things. But in real life, mirrors can create magic as well! Mirrors are the secret magical element that can make your house brighter and beautiful. For the interiors, decor mirrors are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture one can find. They are stunning and can be used to transform your home in an instant. They can give the illusion of a bigger space and enhance natural light. A simple and unremarkable bathroom can look like a luxurious one just by placing a large mirror on the walls!

But, decor ideas with mirrors are not limited to the bathroom anymore; beautiful designer mirrors can add glamour to any room of the house.  A mirror decor on the wall can work wonderfully for a small room by making it appear spacious. Whether you live in a magnificent villa or a beautiful apartment, using mirror decor in the living room, bedroom or the hall can make it the perfect magical paradise you will fall in love with.

You can buy large decorative mirrors for the living room or bedroom from Aprodz, the fastest growing online furniture store in India. Our collection of decor mirrors online can be delivered to your city as we ship to several Indian cities and cater to customers from all over the country. Read on to know four awesome decor tips with mirrors that you can use for your home.

Brighter and Spacious Rooms

Mirrors have the ability to make your room brighter and glamorous. But you to position the decor mirror on wall or floor properly to make the magic happen. Placing a large decor mirror opposite a window can reflect the sunlight and make the room appear brighter and bigger.  You can also place the mirror opposite to an artificial source of light, like a lamp to make the trick work after sunset. Thus you can brighten up any corner of a room that needed more light.

We at Aprodz have beautiful decor mirrors for living rooms and dining halls. We have many lovely decor mirrors for sale and unique decor mirror for the bathroom that will give your house for a magical transformation. Our Thalo Standing Mirror is one such beauty that can be placed on the floor in your living room or dining to make it look spacious and majestic.

Accent Walls for Living room or Dining

You can create an artistic wall decor for your living room or hall with mirrors and create a unique accent wall that will leave your guests mesmerised. Create a lot of drama and add more character to your mirror decor for living room by placing them on the opposite walls.

For decorating with multiple mirrors use mirrors of different shapes and sizes to create a beautiful and dazzling combination. However, choose similar hues for the frames to have uniformity in the overall decor. You can create a unique mirror decor for the walls from Aprodz huge collection of gorgeous mirrors in various shapes. You can find wall decor mirror in circular shapes, rectangular shapes and various geometrical shapes as well. Also, you can view the wall mirrors with price at our website and find the one that suits your budget.

The Entryway

A darkened entryway can be illuminated just by placing a large wall mirror and the whole corner can get a great makeover! Place a statement mirror mounted on the wall over your end table and see the magic happen. Our gorgeous Baldui Wall Mirror can be a wonderful choice to brighten up your entryway instantly!

The Bedroom

A beautiful mirror in your bedroom will be practical and also add a touch of glamour. An ordinary bedroom can look regal and stylish by adding a chic dressing table with a mirror or by placing a decor mirror tray on the side table by your bed. You can also try placing Thana Standing Mirror, our beautiful decor mirror for sale, along one of the bedroom walls to make the decor creative and edgy.

Aprodz, one of the best online furniture stores in the country, offers stylish decor mirrors for cheap prices. So, whether you are planning for home decor with round mirrors or looking for an unconventional design, visit our website to find just the one you need!