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Allure Bed with Storage

44,06848,705 SKU: bd-52-0

Anita Bed

56,18264,678 SKU: bd-226-0

Aprodz Solid Wood Diamond Bed for Bedroom

37,65641,420 SKU: bd-33-0

Arco Bed

44,65646,235 SKU: bd-168-0

Bancroft Bed

36,57939,352 SKU: bd-194-0

Bray Bed With 2 Drawers

41,017 SKU: bd-51-0

Callao Bed

37,778 SKU: bd-71-0

Colwell Bed

50,316 SKU: bd-259-0

Cordoba Bed

28,98031,877 SKU: bd-30-0

Crouch Bed

50,96754,820 SKU: bd-206-0

Darryl Bed with 4 Drawers

31,76741,748 SKU: bd-3-0

Debra Bed With 2 Drawers

31,55034,706 SKU: bd-41-0

Garret Bed with Hydraulic Storage

41,81743,271 SKU: bd-1-0

Jere Bed With 4 Drawers

38,70341,535 SKU: bd-43-0

Kansas Bed With 4 Drawers

38,22744,246 SKU: bd-32-0

Kelsey Bed without Storage

26,55140,796 SKU: bd-5-0

Kermit Bed With 2 Drawers

43,44348,144 SKU: bd-44-0

Kirby Bed with Box Storage

29,51432,467 SKU: bd-4-0

Lennard Bed

41,24845,372 SKU: bd-49-0

Lima Bed with 2 Drawers

32,56735,824 SKU: bd-25-0

Louisville Bed

38,22741,748 SKU: bd-34-0

Mackay Bed

49,215 SKU: bd-187-0

Marisa Bed With Hydraulic Storage

33,58536,945 SKU: bd-50-0

Notus Bed

45,708 SKU: bd-184-0

Orlando Bed

40,21044,232 SKU: bd-68-0

Paul Bed

51,85755,427 SKU: bd-163-0

Perko Bed with 2 Drawers

32,56735,824 SKU: bd-26-0

Ross Bed with 2 Drawers

37,65144,733 SKU: bd-39-0

Tampa Bed

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Varna with Box Storage

30,53133,585 SKU: bd-23-0

Weston Bed

37,75940,698 SKU: bd-190-0

Worley Bed

41,07842,749 SKU: bd-201-0

Beds with storage can be the best way to manage bedroom clutter

Although bedrooms are peaceful and most comfortable corners of our home, they can get messy quite easily. It is not a pretty sight to find clothes, books, toys and other items strewn across yourbed. Moreover, the bedspreads, sheets, pillows, cushions, quilts can add to the clutter. Therefore, to tackle a messy bedroom, you can be smart and add double bed with storage in India. Whether you are a family, a couple, or a happy single, storage bed in India single or double bed can be your saviour! We offer single and double beds with storage in elegant designs that are very practical.

At Aprodz, we offer king size beds with storage in India, suitable for master bedrooms. Therefore, the Darryl Bed with four drawers can look great in your home. The king bed with box can accommodate many items. You can simply pull out the drawers to store your belongings. Also, for the guest bedroom of your home, we have queen beds with box storage. Apart from that, we offer divan bed with storage in India. These divan single beds with storage are perfect for lounging in the living room or they can also find a place in your kid’s bedroom. Also, the happy singles, bachelors or students can find a single bed with storage in India, that are versatile and functional. So, visit our online store today, choose, compare and order with just a few clicks.