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Gwars Fabric Bunk Bed for Bedroom

34,36035,871 SKU: kb-29-0

Adna Single Size Bed with Drawers

27,59731,003 SKU: bds-15-0

Ailsa Single Size Bed

22,462 SKU: bds-24

Alayn Single Size Bed

27,573 SKU: bds-30

Albany Bed

26,37128,303 SKU: bd-22-0

Albion Bed

42,618 SKU: bd-200-0

Allure Bed with Storage

44,06848,705 SKU: bd-52-0

Anita Bed

56,18264,678 SKU: bd-226-0

Aprodz Solid Wood Diamond Bed for Bedroom

37,65641,420 SKU: bd-33-0

Arco Bed

44,65646,235 SKU: bd-168-0

Arkansas Bed

28,14935,428 SKU: bd-15-0

Arlo Single Size Bed

22,398 SKU: bds-10

Avoca Bed

46,29650,667 SKU: bd-228-0

Bancroft Bed

36,57939,352 SKU: bd-194-0

Barcino Bed

35,21536,038 SKU: bd-91-0

Batavia Bed

43,24546,991 SKU: bd-230-0

Bertra Single Size Bed

20,239 SKU: bds-32

Boise Bed

23,18323,232 SKU: bd-6-0

Bray Bed With 2 Drawers

41,017 SKU: bd-51-0

Buhl Bed

52,714 SKU: bd-131-0

Buxto Single Size Bed

19,728 SKU: bds-42

Callah Single Size Bed

27,808 SKU: bds-3

Callao Bed

37,778 SKU: bd-71-0

Carne Single Size Bed

30,947 SKU: bds-6

Celia Single Size Bed

19,351 SKU: bds-34

Celyn Single Size Bed

15,049 SKU: bds-16

Cisne Single Size Bed

18,643 SKU: bds-21

Clare Bed

58,15762,877 SKU: bd-248-0

Clemons Bed

33,92435,872 SKU: bd-251-0

Collins Bed

40,54243,088 SKU: bd-253-0

Colwell Bed

50,316 SKU: bd-259-0

Cordoba Bed

28,98031,877 SKU: bd-30-0

Crouch Bed

50,96754,820 SKU: bd-206-0

curved french Mango Wood And Cane Bed

47,49450,208 SKU: bd-355-0

curved Mango Wood And Cane Bed

42,06644,780 SKU: bd-356-0

Danik Single Size Bed

25,404 SKU: bds-35


Bed is a furniture which plays an important role in our day to day life. A bed is one of the many factors that decide our next day trip, how fresh and energetic it is going to be. Because our sleep is also affected by a bed. Aprodz offers a vast range of bed designs crafted from rosewood, mango wood, and teak wood. Which will definitely support you in getting a sound sleep. At the same time, various perfect designs and beautiful finishes are a treat for your interior and decoration. And are able to recharge your body, as well as entice you to sleep.


Showrooms and shops might not satisfy your needs as you find limited options there.  Buying online provides you a large number of options  to choose from Aprodz. That owns a highly equipped manufacturing unit controlled by skilled workers. Which offers a large number of different beds styles ranging. From vintage, mid-century, modern, and contemporary in different sizes. Also, be it king size, queen size,single bed, trundle beds. Andwith storage orwithout storage beds.  We chiefly use solid wood like Sheesham (Indian Rosewood), Mango, and Teak in our bed crafting.  We also welcome custom-made beds.  Contact us for customization of your bed to bring your imagination into reality.


Aprodz has its own highly equipped manufacturing unit controlled by skilled workers. We involve ourselves right from choosing the perfect wood for furniture. And the beds are being manufactured in our own manufacturing unit, with the beds being tinted or wood-stained (polished). Then in our own unit solid multi-layered packaging for a safe delivery to our respected customers. If you have something different in your mind other than the beds on our website, Aprodz is very ready to offer its customization service to bring your fantasy bed to reality as per your requirement in  wooden and iron.


Buying a bed is not an easy task.  You need to consider various factors before you come to conclusion on your favorite bed for your dream home.  Spending your hard-earned money on the bed should be done wisely as it is not a short-term investment.  One must look into some important factors before investing on the bed.

The first factor to consider is which area of your home you are planning to place your bed in.  Is it your master bedroom, kid’s room or guest room?  Obviously, beds are for bedroom, but depending on your requirements, you might be searching for trundle bed for your kids’ room or sofa-cum-bedfor your guest room as well.

Then comes the size of your bed which will depend upon the size of your master bedroom, kids’ room, or guest room, whichever place you choose.  If you have spacious master bedroom, then a double bed of king size will surely be the best option.  If you do not have big enough master bedroom, then double bed in queen size is for you.

For those who are single, single bed or a twin bed is a perfect option.  For your kids’ room, you have options like trundle bed or single bed.  A sofa-cum-bed can be a wise option for your guest room, which serves the purpose. So, all in all, your area of placement will decide the dimension of your bed.

Chose Bed Color According to Your Interior Decor

You can find various traditional colors in Duco paint for your wooden bed.  Experiment with the paint to get completely a new color is not difficult nowadays.  If you love natural grain patterns of the wood, then you will find quite a good number of attractive wood stains. Like teak finish, walnut finish, mahogany finish, oak finish to name a few that bring out the beauty of natural grain patterns very effectively. So, all in all, be artistic while choosing the right color finish of your wooden bed which can go in accordance with the interior and decor of your room.

Go through the above points when you are planning to buy a bed for your room.  Aprodz offers a wide variety of solid wood beds in various designs, sizes, and color finish with and without storage.  Visit to find various bedroom accessories like bedside table, chest of drawers, dressing tables, cabinet and dressers, wardrobe, and mirrors etc.