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Gwars Fabric Bunk Bed for Bedroom

34,36035,871 SKU: kb-29-0

3 Drawer Chest With Upper Space

12,302 SKU: cd-48

Adelphi Bedside Table

9,471 SKU: bt-96-0

Adna Single Size Bed with Drawers

27,59731,003 SKU: bds-15-0

Ailsa Single Size Bed

22,462 SKU: bds-24

Alayn Single Size Bed

27,573 SKU: bds-30

Alba Bedside Table

9,720 SKU: bt-92-0

Albany Bed

26,37128,303 SKU: bd-22-0

Albion Bed

42,618 SKU: bd-200-0
Swatch image Dark Mehroon
Swatch image Light Brown
Swatch image Light Pink
Swatch image Light Purple
Swatch image Red

Alegre Cabinet

27,72329,745 SKU: cb-38-0
Swatch image Orange

Alfena Bedside Table

9,460 SKU: bt-70-0

Allure Bed with Storage

44,06848,705 SKU: bd-52-0

Alto Cabinet

43,995 SKU: cb-118

Amora Bedside Table

7,285 SKU: bt-69
Swatch image Dark Walnut
Swatch image Electric Blue
Swatch image Indigo
Swatch image Light Brown
Swatch image Maroon

Ania 6 Drawer Chest

17,03721,927 SKU: cd-13-0

Anita Bed

56,18264,678 SKU: bd-226-0

Anod Bedside Table

7,285 SKU: bt-150
Swatch image Cocoa Brown
Swatch image Dark Mehroon
Swatch image Indigo
Swatch image Light Brown
Swatch image Light Grey
Swatch image Majestic Pines
Swatch image Maroon
Swatch image Ocean View

Antelya Wardrobe

44,71546,269 SKU: w-29-0

Aprodz Solid Wood Diamond Bed for Bedroom

37,65641,420 SKU: bd-33-0

Araca Cabinet

24,425 SKU: cb-56

Arco Bed

44,65646,235 SKU: bd-168-0

Arkansas Bed

28,14935,428 SKU: bd-15-0
Swatch image Honey
Swatch image Honey Oak
Swatch image Walnut

Arkansas Bedside Table

4,720 SKU: bt-89

Arlo Single Size Bed

22,398 SKU: bds-10

Auki Bedside Table

7,760 SKU: bt-143

Avoca Bed

46,29650,667 SKU: bd-228-0

Baiyer Bedside Table

5,340 SKU: bt-18

Bancroft Bed

36,57939,352 SKU: bd-194-0

Barcino Bed

35,21536,038 SKU: bd-91-0

Batavia Bed

43,24546,991 SKU: bd-230-0

Batuco Cabinet

32,567 SKU: cb-132

Bauru Cabinet

32,567 SKU: cb-68

Bayawan Bedside Table

8,673 SKU: bt-57

Importance of Bedroom Storage Furniture for every Home

The bedroom is the most personal corner of your home. Also, it is one of the parts of the house which needs most storage. You may have several items to store – clothes, grooming items, makeup, bedding, toys, books, etc. Therefore, proper storage furniture for the bedroom is very important to keep it neat and organized.

The décor of your bedroom should reflect your personality and so should your bedroom furniture. Wardrobe, cabinets, dressers, shelves and chest of drawers are the usual bedroom storage furniture in India. At Aprodz we offer beautiful collections of bedroom storage units for every home. Our bedroom storage designs are innovative and elegant, thus, making them extremely functional. Here are a few reasons to choose our bedroom storage units for your home.

To keep your daily items organized

If you own beautiful dresses and shoes, you should organize them properly to maintain them. So, proper bedroom wooden storage furniture ideas to organize clothes, shoes and other daily items is very important. At Aprodz we offer solid mango wood bedroom furniture that may last your lifetime! Thus you may choose closets, wardrobes, bedroom storage wooden chest and other mango wood bedroom furniture for your home. The elegant designs and beautiful colours are a plus.

To store books and toys

Many people love to keep a bookshelf in their bedroom. Awooden bedroom-storage shelves for organizing books and toys can be perfect for those. In a child’s room, you can use abedroom wooden storage box to store toys too. A wooden bedroom storage bench can also serve the same purpose and provide seating space. You can keep it at the foot of your bed and choose beautiful upholstery for the seat. Similarly,bedroom wooden storage baskets are also a smart way to organize bedroom clutter. These are trendy and easy to maintain. Besides, they can accommodate enough items to keep the room clean.

For Room Décor and Furnishing

Décor and beautification are crucial when you are choosing furniture for your bedroom. The colour, design and finish should match the wall-colour, fabric of the curtain and other furnishings in the room. So, you may choose dark mango wood bedroom furniture to go with beige walls. If you are a connoisseur of classic pieces,sheesham wood bedroom furniture may make it to your wishlist! You can match the bedroom wooden storage furniture with the finish and design of your bed and create a beautiful theme.

Choosing correct storage furniture for your bedroom or any other room is easier with Aprodz. Our beautiful and huge collection of items let you select and compare to find the one that suits your home.