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Customised Furniture Ideas For Your Bedroom

Customised Furniture Ideas For Your Bedroom

Choosing furniture for your bedroom is one of the most important parts of interior design. Right from selecting the bed to the bedside table, dresser and wardrobe, the bedroom is the place where comfort and aesthetics are equally important. Buying customized furniture for your bedroom can take care of both. Many customers shy away from custom furniture, fearing that it will be heavy on the pockets. Let us assure you that it is a very common delusion. Carefully designed handcrafted furniture can not only look gorgeous but can be a great value for money too. All you have to do is select the correct design for your home and rely on a trusted seller.

One of the most significant benefits of choosing custom made bedroom furniture is that you can select the material, get involved in the designing and styling process and do everything while maintaining your budget. A usual master bedroom consists of a king-size bed, a bedside table, a dresser and a wardrobe. Some bigger bedrooms may have seating like a couch, a bench or an armchair, a study table and a chest of drawer. You can customize each of these pieces of furniture depending on the availability of space, its purpose and spending capability. Here are some ideas for custom made furniture for the bedroom.

Bed – You can choose good quality wood like sheesham for a strong and beautiful bed. You can always alter the design to suit your choice, unlike in a readymade piece where you are stuck with the available options only. You can choose a lovely bed with a simple headboard or a four-poster bed for a more vintage style, or an intricate headboard with carvings if you are a connoisseur of classic pieces. You can opt for storage features or do away with storage features at your will. Getting a custom furniture design for the bed is easier with the maker guiding you with their ideas. So before making the final decision, you should discuss with them properly to measure all the pros and cons.

Bedside table – The bedside table makes the bedroom stylish, luxurious and more practical. If you are going for custom wood furniture, you can choose the height of the table, storage features and quality of the material. You can add a few drawers or shelves. You can add carvings at the base, or add small legs to the piece. You can choose the designs from the catalogues offered by the seller and request them to add more modifications if needed.

Wardrobe – Choosing readymade wardrobes is often a hassle as they are not appropriate for your room. Either you end up with something too big to fit into your room or too small to accommodate all your clothes. Opting for solid wood custom furniture is very beneficial in these cases. If you have a small bedroom, you can go for a built-in wardrobe that covers the wall rising to the ceiling, thus saving a lot of floor space. If you have a spacious bedroom with a small corner to spare, you may decide to create a walk-in closet that can look quite luxurious. You can also choose extra features like shelves, hooks, drawers etc. You may add mirrors on the wardrobe doors; choose the style of knobs, handles, carvings on the body, based on your personality and taste.

Dresser or Chest of Drawers – Dressers are necessary for a bedroom where you need to groom yourself before heading for work. So, custom-designed furniture can be made with adding necessary features like a full-sized mirror, shelves and drawers to store clothes and grooming items. Dressers are quite fancy and you can prefer stylish designs to match your bed and other furnishings. It can be created like a theme and decorated accordingly. The same concept can be applied for a chest of drawers. You can go for a customized chest of drawers with a grooming mirror fitted on the top that will work as the dresser. The custom Sheesham wood furniture will increase the beauty of the room and last for a long time.

Study table – If you need to work from your bedroom or prefer to study there, you may need a study table. Going for readymade pieces can leave you dissatisfied as all bedrooms do not have enough space for every design. Fortunately, you can customize them to suit your need. Therefore, custom made office furniture for the home can be created according to the available space and purpose. For example, a small table is enough to accommodate a laptop, but a spacious table will be needed if you are going to place books and stationeries along with the computer. Storage feature can be added to improve the functionality to any table, or you may want to add wheels to make them easier to move around.

Buying custom solid wood furniture for any part of the home is a great idea as you can create a theme to match each furnishing. They will be tastefully synchronized and the unique décor idea will leave the visitors to your home in awe!

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