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A Guide to The Different Types of Coffee Tables


Living rooms are the liveliest parts of our homes. It’s the place where we entertain the visitors, spend movie nights with our families and enjoy our leisure times lounging on the sofas in front of the televisions. Coffee tables are integral parts of the living rooms. They anchor the decor of the entire room and create a stylish focal point. Traditionally placed in front of the sofa, the coffee table decor speaks a lot about the personal style and taste of the homeowner.

The coffee table sets are the conversation starters and make the living room more inviting. If you are planning to buy coffee tables from offline or online stores, you should know about the different types and styles of centre tables that you will find in the market. Choosing a stylish coffee table will depend on the proper material and design that suits your requirement and home decor.

Different Materials

A variety of materials like wood, glass, engineered wood, metal, wicker etc. are used for making modern centre tables. The choice of material depends on the personal style, budget and home decor of the owner. These are the types that you can find based on their material.

Wood – Coffee tables made from wood are popular among homeowners across the world because of the classic beauty and longevity. They are versatile and timeless. They can come in a variety of designs and styles ranging from modern to vintage. A solid wood table like Kariy by Aprodz is made from sheesham wood, having a rich finish which suits all kinds of interior decor. If you want an environment-friendly option for your home, you may choose coffee tables made from reclaimed wood.

Glass – Many modern homeowners choose to buy centre tables made from glass because of the sleek and stylish designs. Glass tops are usually accompanied by metal or wooden bases with the top carved in very trendy designs. However, you may also find a coffee table in unique design made entirely from glass. They can be chic and edgy, yet a little difficult to maintain.

Metal – Metal is quite a popular material for those who want a coffee table in a modern design. Most metal ones come with sleek bases and very stylish tops. There can be a variety of styles and shapes. You can find centre tables online in sleek designs, like Puerto, which is a steel coffee table with marble top. The innovative design is suitable for modern homeowners who love sleek and stylish pieces of furniture for their living rooms.

Wicker or Rattan – Wicker is a popular natural material used for making patio furniture. These are excellent as an outdoor coffee table. However, they can also be suitable for indoors if you have similar material for the rest of the furnishings, like a wicker sofa set and chairs around it. These coffee tables are rustic in their style, with a very distinct earthy appearance. Wicker or rattan is lightweight and cost-effective material that can suit those who want stylish furniture within a budget.

Marble – Stone or marble tables have become more popular in recent years as homeowners prefer unconventional materials and designs for their furniture. A coffee table can be completely made of marble or have a metal base with a stone top. They are very sturdy with an exotic appearance because of the colourful stones.

Upholstered – Centre tables with upholstered tops are not so common, but stylish nevertheless. The upholstered coffee table is small in size and resembles an ottoman. They can also work like a footstool where you can rest your feet while lounging on the sofa. These are also sturdy enough to place a coffee mug on a serving tray. The upholstery can be made of fabric or leather.

Different Styles

A living room coffee table can have a round, oval, square or rectangular top with attractive designs for the base or legs. The shape and size of the table will depend on the available space in your living room and the size of your seating furniture. A centre table does not need to be only a fancy place to put down your beverage cups. It can be a very functional piece of furniture making a fashionable statement. You should choose the design and colour to suit your home decor. Here are some of the different styles to know about.

Traditional – Traditional centre tables are usually made from solid wood. They have a very classic design and a vintage appeal. They have a simple rectangular or circular top with intricately carved legs. The rich teak finish makes them suitable for modern homes. There can be coffee tables with storage racks as additional features that can help owners in organizing newspapers, books and other items. The Oren is a classic coffee table with round wooden legs and vintage design.

Contemporary – Contemporary centre tables are sleek and modern. They can be made from wood, metal or glass. These are popular among young homeowners who love to experiment with designs and styles. Most of the contemporary designs comprise of a glass top and a slender metal base. There can be a mixture of bold and subtle accents to make the design more attractive, like a coffee table in black and white creating a stark contrast.

Transitional – Transitional centre tables are the most popular choices as they stand between the classic and contemporary styles. They have a design that can blend with most decors, thus making them desirable among homeowners with a wide range of taste. The transitional style of coffee tables may have storage features like shelves and drawers to make them more functional and versatile. The Remire by Aprodz can be a great example of this style.

Industrial – The industrial design is edgy and bold and not for everybody. Yet such tables are quite popular among people who love to flaunt their quirky sides. An industrial centre table may have wheels, a sturdy metal body and distinctly mechanized look to stay true to the theme. They can stand out in a living room that has an otherwise subtle decor. However, you should keep in mind the colour scheme of the room to create uniformity.

Pastoral – A pastoral or rustic centre table can be made from reclaimed wood or weathered wood to give it a deliberate worn out appearance. Such a coffee table with a farmhouse appeal can be quirky yet very stylish; e.g the Yurani table, that can look great in a living room with a bohemian decor.

Parsons – Parsons coffee tables have a solid wood body with four well-built legs. The table tops are rectangular or square shaped with minimum trimmings. These tables are quite simple and can be decorated with striking centrepieces to attract attention to the table top. The Devin centre table is a good example of this style.

Mid Century – This style from the 1950s has a very minimalistic design. The non-fuss design makes it a good choice for minimalistic living rooms and small apartments. The Purral centre table is a great example with a simple solid wood body and classy appeal.

Aprodz is one of the popular online furniture stores in India that offers centre tables in all these unique styles for modern homes and businesses. You can visit their website and check out the exclusive designs of their coffee tables along with the prices.

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